An All Natural Deodorant that is Actually Effective?!

I tried to break it and I couldn’t. I have the solution to stinky pits.

Many of my loyal clients have tried and tested the validity of this deodorant in extreme situations. From Fitness Instructors, PowerLineman, Busy Moms and Public Speakers, this deodorant has been pushed to its limits and it prevails.

If you are ready to have all natural, and healthy ingredients kick the stink – put Simply Swank Deodorant to the test.

This product will last 6 months from the date of production. Honey and Baking Soda are PH balancing and natural preservatives. Amazing.

Super Important to Note:

If you are new to using natural deodorant, there are some things you will want to know.

  1. It will take approximately 30 days for your body to DETOX from the chemicals in other deodorants. You need to allow your Lymph Nodes to release these toxins. Remember, they are your body’s filters, so let them do their work. It might smell really bad, but isn’t that shocking how horrible those chemicals smell? and aren’t you excited to get rid of them? YES, me too!
  2. I have found, now that I have been using my deodorant for 2 years, that I can go 2-3 days in between applications and I STILL DON’T STINK. My Lymph Nodes have absorbed the fresh, natural ingredients and they use what they need. How awesome that you can go a couple of days and this deodorant still is kickin’ the stink!
  3. However, just like anything in life, if you use too much, you put your body out of balance. If you find that you get a rash, it is because you have filled the tank too much and Lymph Nodes are overflowing. Give your pits a break until you notice that you are stinkin’ again and then put some more on.

Customer Testimonials:

 I love your deodorant! I’ve been using natural deodorant for around 5 years now and it works better than any one I’ve tried. I love that there is no residue that gets on my clothes and there’s no smell at the end of the day at all. – Paige Hilkin

I am a very active adult, and with activity comes SWEAT! I used to use deodorants with aluminum and other toxins in them and I would STILL SMELL at the end of the day! I started trying all kinds of different natural deodorants and they came with a variety of different “problems”.”Some made me sweat more, some application processes were not desirable, and some just plain didn’t work. I finally was offered to try Simply Swank and I have fallen in love! Not only is it easy to apply, but it LASTS! I can workout in the morning, stay on the go and active with my kids throughout the day and when I go to shower at night, I don’t smell!! –  Juliann Garcia

I absolutely LOVE these products! The deodorant WORKS and it is completely natural – no chemicals penetrating to my body through my skin – and that makes me feel confident and well. But it truly works! No odor to make me feel uncomfortable and I feel fresh at the end of the day.  And I LOVE that my whole body benefits, too! THANK YOU, Simply Swank Wellness! – Lori Raleigh

Hey Kid, get your wife to make me that deodorant. Cory Pederson

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